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EV Charging Management Software

A full stack solution built for businesses wanting to manage and monetize their EV charging ecosystem. A complete operating system for EV charging startups, turnkey installers, and hardware manufacturers.

EV Charger Management System


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Charge Point Operators

The Admin Panel
is Only for You

Automatic real-time reporting
Simple passive income source
Measure business performance
Third-party software integration

The Proprietor Panel
is for Your Clients

Energy consumption report
Automatic bookkeeping
Set custom pricing for each driver
Measure ROI
EV Charging in a Station
EV Driver Using 6senseEV

The Driver Panel is for the Customers of Your Clients

Find charging stations nearby
Swift QR Code access
Pay instantly
Track payment history

Everything You Want in Your EV Charging Network!

White Label Software Advantages

Customize our web platform while keeping the Intellectual Property (IP) right. You can add your name and logo.

Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)

6senseEV web platform complies with the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and integrates easily with any hardware that supports this protocol.

Smart Integration

Integrate important corporate applications and softwares like Zoho, Appfolio, QuickBooks, and more!

Manage Custom Pricing

Control the fee structure of EV charging per kWh, per minute, or per session for listed and unlisted drivers with the click of a button.

Real-Time Metrics

It takes a few seconds to look through your financials, status of charging stations, billing information, fee structure, charger access, and more.

Easy Maintenance

Check the status of the charging station and update the firmware remotely. Get alerts when any charging station is malfunctioning.

Payment Management

Get automatic invoices, general ledger, and transactional information on 6senseEV by accessing your Panel.

Information Security

Get automatic invoices, general ledger, and transactional information on 6senseEV by accessing your Panel.

QR Code

Get automatic invoices, general ledger, and transactional information on 6senseEV by accessing your Panel.

Get Started with 6senseEV Quickly

A Woman Charging Her EV
Step 1

Deploying the Platform

After you purchase 6senseEV, we deploy the web platform on a server and create accounts for you.
It can take as less as 2 days to get this done!
Step 2

Customizing the Product

Then, we make some adjustments in the web platform, such as changing the logo and texts.
If you want to customize some features of the product, we can create the wireframe, design and develop those features based on your needs.
EV Charging Integration and Scalability
EV Charging Project System Structure
Step 3

Configuring the Platform

We add company properties, locations, and EV chargers into our EV charging operating system.
At the same time, connect the platform with chargers in your chosen locations. 
Step 4

Configuring the Chargers

We install EV charging stations in chosen locations.
Then, connect new or existing chargers with the web platform according to the OCPP protocol.
SUV EV Charging
6senseEV Web App
Step 5

Testing & Ready to Go

Finally, the 6senseEV web platform is ready to go after we run some tests in locating stations on Google Maps, scanning the QR code, charging some cars, and processing payment!
EV Charging Software: Buyer's Guide

EV Charging Software : Buyer’s Guide

Gain insights on popular US EV charging organizations, determine the suitability of EV charging management software, understand the importance of such software, explore considerations when choosing one, and delve into the key features of 6senseEV, a leading EV charging management software solution.

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Honoured with Delaware’s Top Design Company Award 2023

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Our team is proficient in a wide range of software technologies, ensuring top-quality solutions for your business.
EV Software Leading Technologies


The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is the protocol that establishes communication between the charging management system (CMS) and EV charging stations.

By adopting 6senseEV,


Get full control of picking and managing the connection of your EV charging stations

Add new options, updates, and software to existing EV charging stations
Get real-time updates on tariffs and costs 
Avoid the high cost of building your own software
EV Charging in a Station

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